ColderICE Daily Newsflash: August 10th

ColderICE Daily Newsflash: August 10th

ColderICE Wednesday Newsflash!

What’s up guys?, this is your boy John. Here’s a quick scoop of today’s hot topics and then a link that will take you to the original story. If you enjoy them, please share!

Who Should Be Worried About Google+?

When Google+ came on the scene at the beginning of July, the early adopters were all over it, but they were skeptical. We all remember Wave and Buzz, which didn’t quite hit the mark. This time though, the general opinion is optimistic, and the conversation has turned from “should competitors be worried” to “WHICH competitors should be worried.”

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5 Maths professor to find a formula for influence in social media

A maths professor in Canada has set out on a task that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of brands and marketers the world over. Margaret Ellen Messenger has just received a grant to start a 5 year project to develop a set of formulas that examines how influence and connections work in social media.

The aim of the experiment is to look at how social connections online translate into ‘real world’ influence and to attribute a value to these connections from a scientific point of view. It’s set to be a fascinating project, as Messenger will be looking into wider structures of society and how we now function through social media to build connections and communicate with each other. It’s by no means an easy task, but is she taking on the impossible?

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3 Great AdWords Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

Tools are essential in search engine marketing. They save us time, teach us about our market, help us grow our campaigns and make our job easier. Sometimes, they make the difference between a good search engine marketer and a great one.

Here are 3 absolutely free tools that are rarely talked about but can deliver very useful insights for your paid search efforts.

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