ColderICE Daily Newsflash: July 20th

ColderICE Daily Newsflash: July 20th

ColderICE Friday Newsflash!

Hey everyone, I’m bringing you today’s hot links. Here is a quick scoop of each story and then a link that will take you to the original article. If you enjoy them, share!

Google+ Wants to Makes Stars a Star!

In Hollywood, it’s all about who you know and Google+ wants in. According to CNN, they’re working on a “celebrity acquisition plan” to help boost the star power of their new social network.

If you or I were to talk about “celebrity acquisition,” we’d probably run afoul of California’s anti-stalking laws. But when Google does it, that’s news. The tricky part, as we’ve seen from Twitter, is verifying the real celebs and keeping the fake ones out of the loop.

In order to verify that a celeb is who they say they are, CNN says they might ask folks to fax a copy of their driver’s license. Though Google will undoubtedly promise that the process is secure, it’s a potential privacy nightmare waiting to happen.

Check out the full story:

A Guide to SEO Ranking Factors

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component of inbound marketing. As an online marketer, you likely know that SEO has two categories of influence on search engine rank. The first category is on-page factors, which include all the elements of a web page. The second category is off-page factors, which include inbound links, social media, authority, etc. However, are you aware of all the factors that make up these two categories?

Check out the infographic:

Why the 4 Ps of marketing do not work on the Web

The four Ps of marketing — product, place, price, and promotion – used to describe the marketing mix, was coined way back in the 1960s.

Business school curricula still frequently include a discussion of the 4 Ps of marketing and we see the 4 Ps pop up frequently in marketing books to this day.

For marketing on the Web, our friends at Web Ink Now think focusing on the traditional Ps lead directly to failure because the concepts force marketers into a marketing paradigm that just isn’t effective in a social world.

Others, with sly smiles, have commented on the outdated nature of the Ps before them.

What did they say?:




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