Did Facebook Go Too Far And Lose It’s Mojo? Jason Calacanis says YES

Did Facebook Go Too Far And Lose It’s Mojo? Jason Calacanis says YES

To call Jason Calacanis a “Diva of Technology” I think that would be a fair description in my personal opinion. He has called Steve Jobs of Apple “the oppressive man on the jumbotron” from the 1984 commercial, he had a conniption fit when an employee resigned from his company, and now he is all over Facebook’s Zukerberg. Dude makes my rants look like petty complaints, seriously! So you know I love to listen, LMAO.

If you don’t know, Jason is an internet entrepreneur and blogger. He has founded many companies including Silicon Alley Reporter, Weblogs, Inc. and Mahalo.com

His recent blog post about Facebook’s Zuckerberg was simply ‘off the chain’, the dude went for the jugular on this one. He has called Zuckerberg “an amoral, Asperger’s-like entrepreneur” and even coined a new term of “your Zucked!” because he feels like Facebook is stealing ideas from everyone. He laid out his list of those who were Zucked…

You’re Zucked!

Yes, that’s the new catch phrase for when someone either steals your
business idea or screws you as a business partner.

Who’s been Zucked and how? Let’s take a look back:

1. FourSquare was Zucked when Facebook stole their check-in feature.
2. Twitter was Zucked when Facebook stole their public facing profiles.
3. Facebook users got Zucked when the site flipped their privacy
setting–three different times!
4. The co-founder of Facebook was allegedly Zucked when he was kicked
out of the company he helped found.
5. The founders of ConnectU got Zucked when he allegedly screwed them
over by not delivering their social network and then launching
Facebook at the same time–and joked about it!
6. Harvard reporters reportedly got Zucked when Mark hacked their
accounts to try and stop a negative story/investigation about him.

You can only screw people for so long before it catches up to you. The
entire industry went from rooting for Zuckerberg to hating him and
Facebook–in under 18 months.

You can read the full rant HERE or listen to the MP3 below…

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Most recent changes to the Facebook privacy position has taken some heat from the internet press, a look at the following headlines show a trend for the argument that Facebook may have gone too far.

What do you think about Facebook’s changes to privacy?



[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by John and John , Robert Male. Robert Male said: I joined Facebook to network more than use casually so I'm not one to feel that I've been "Zucked". Still, funny term. http://bit.ly/8ZMmB1 [...]

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