How Do These Social Media People Make Money? It’s Social Science Not Technology

How Do These Social Media People Make Money? It’s Social Science Not Technology

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How Do Social Media Sites Make Their Money [Infographic]

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re a regular user of social media sites and you’re quite familiar with a wide number of sites. Yet beyond the well publicised attempts of Facebook, have you ever wondered exactly how these sites generate revenue? Well have created an infographic depicting just that, taking into account the 30 most popular social media sites out of a potential 2,000 sites.

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Social media is about social science not technology

In 2007, I wrote a post entitled, “Social Media is About Sociology Not Technology.” It’s a statement that after five years, I thankfully continue to see shared every day on Twitter. As time passed and experience matured, I amended that statement to now read, “Social media is about social science not technology.”

Why did I change such a powerful statement?I believe that it is not only stronger now, it is also truer.

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How to Tailor Lead Nurturing Content to Suit Individual Personas

One of the main reasons marketers fail to adopt lead nurturing as part of their marketing mix is a lack of content. To effectively execute a lead nurturing program, you can’t exactly have a deficiency in content. You need enough of it in order to keep your lead nurturing emails interesting and relevant at every stage in the sales and marketing funnel, from a lead’s initial discovery of your business all the way through to purchase-readiness.

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