Is Your Homepage Selling Your Business the Way it Should?

Is Your Homepage Selling Your Business the Way it Should?

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Hey, hey my people! This is your man John again. Here are today’s hot links and as usual the link to the full story. If you enjoy them, please share!

Extreme Homepage Makeover: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate 106%

The homepage of your company’s website is your most valuable online real estate. Every year, millions are spent optimizing, promoting, and funneling traffic through this single page  ̶  and for good reason. It’s your business’ virtual storefront and face to the world. Because of this, it’s critically important to have an effective homepage that can turn more visitors into buyers. 

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Facebook Launches ‘Interest Lists’ (Why Marketers Should Care)

Taking a page out of the Twitter playbook, today Facebook revealed its launch of “Interest Lists,” strikingly similar to Twitter Lists, which have been around since October of 2009. According to TechCrunch, Facebook will be rolling out Interest Lists to users over the next few weeks.

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Google+ for Business Examined [Infographic]

Google+ is the Internet industry’s favorite whipping boy but that doesn’t mean that there are not those out there using it effectively and also promoting its use.

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