Social Commerce and ColderICE: The @BrentLeary Interview on Small Biz Trends (@smallbiztrends) is Nice!

Social Commerce and ColderICE: The @BrentLeary Interview on Small Biz Trends (@smallbiztrends) is Nice!

Brent Leary has been a friend and buddy of mine for a few years. We really got to know each other back in 2007 when he co-authored the Barack 2.0 book back then. He has done big things since then and most recently organized the Social Biz Atlanta Conference that brought industry leaders like Anita Campbell to town to speak about social business.

Recently Brent asked me if I would allow him to interview me on his Interviews series for Small Business Trends. You will really enjoy this one. It is timely and well done. Just a short interview and write up, but full of key takeaways and actionable stuff.

Here are a few excerpts, please go to the FULL interview and check it out. Also LEAVE A COMMENT for him and let him know that you likey. I appreciated the opportunity and the write up was very good.

Small Business Trends: Talk a little bit about mobile commerce and its impact on social commerce. Does it have an impact on it?

John Lawson: We are looking at people right now like American Express who are doing something very unique with hashtags. They are allowing their users that have their card to marry that card to their tweets. If you tweet out a hashtag they will give you a discount on your card. That discount will be from one of the manufactures of a major brand. This is some pretty fascinating stuff and we will see how this is going to work. Now you are actually in a place where you are doing the “I am going to tweet and I am at this restaurant.”

Using the hashtag you will actually get a discount. Not from the restaurant. You will get a discount on the American Express card. That is the future.

Small Business Trends: Peer out to the future, maybe a year maybe two years from now. Where will we be with social commerce?

John Lawson: I think the last missing link is that it should be integrated into our phone technology. I should not have to download anything or start anything. I should be able to take a picture and go right to the site where it is advertised. Can you imagine that on the side of a bus or on the back of a service vehicle? So that people can contact that service from every billboard? I think that you’re going to see this kind of messaging that is going to be easy to translate to every cell phone everywhere. 

About Brent Leary is a Partner at CRM Essentials and organizer of the upcoming Social Business Atlanta conference taking place on February 3rd, 2012. Brent serves on the advisory board of The University of Toronto CRM Center of Excellence, writes the Social CRM column for’s technology site, and blogs



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