Speaking in Public Can Be Challenging, Are You Ready for It?

Speaking in Public Can Be Challenging, Are You Ready for It?

ColderICE Wednesday Newsflash

Hey, there my people! This is your man John again. Here are today’s hot links and as usual the link to the full story. If you enjoy them, please share!

Public Speaking for Normal People

Have you ever had to talk to more than 50 people at the same time? Don’t try to become a good public speaker, just try to speak like a normal person while in public.

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First Twitter, Now Google: Blogger To Censor Posts Country By Country

Twitter has been getting a huge amount of coverage lately over its decision to censor tweets based on the country that the tweeter is in, but Google also quietly unveiled a similar policy that has gone largely unnoticed until recent days.


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10 Things the FBI Knows About Social Media Monitoring You Can Use to Generate Leads and Close Deals

The FBI recently posted a Request for Information (RFI) for a “social media application.” But, it was really a request for a social media monitoring application. Why? Because the FBI recognizes what many inbound marketers already know and many others are discovering: There’s gold in them thar social media data.

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