Top 3 Tips Enterprise Ecommerce Player eBay Use That SMB Ecommerce Owners Shop Emulate

Top 3 Tips Enterprise Ecommerce Player eBay Use That SMB Ecommerce Owners Shop Emulate

One of the keysto eBay’s extraordinary success is its ability to turn the enormous volumes of data it generates into useful insights that its customers can glean directly from the pages they frequent.

To accommodate eBay’s explosive data growth— its data centers perform hundreds of millions of reads and writes each day—and the increasing demand to process data at blistering speeds, eBay needed a solution that did not have the typical bottlenecks, scalability issues and transactional constraints associated with common relational database approaches. To that end, they turned to DataStax to handle their needs. Now the CEO, Billy Bosworth share with readers the top 3 lessons learned that an enterprise level ecommerce site like eBay has and uses that are good for the smaller and medium business need to emulate and adapt to for success.

Also, be sure to download the Ebay case study from DataStax too! 

Top 3 Tips for Small and Medium Ecommerce Enterpises from DataStax:

1) If your shopping cart is down, your customer is shopping elsewhere. Continuous availability is so important to your customer-facing application, such as a shopping cart, which must be available to your customers in real time, all the time. If an eCommerce site is down or slow for even a second, the customer will abandon the experience. Expectations have been raised due to the proliferation of mobile devices.

2) If you cannot expand to meet demand you are in trouble. As a bricks and mortar retailer who has moved online or an e-tailer, you must be able to scale to meet the demands of your customers around the globe, regardless of the peaks in demand. You must ensure that your online experience is consistent regardless of whether you have one visitor or one million. Remember the days not too long ago when a Superbowl ad would bring down the website for the company making the offer? You have to be ready to scale up to meet high demands in traffic and then search and analyze the resulting data in real time. And equally as important, you need to be able to scale down so you are not wasting valuable resources needlessly.

3) Your customers may not realize how much they want the hot ticket item until it is served up to them, in context, via a recommendation engine. Smart eCommerce engines have utilized recommendation engines to cross sell and upsell customers for over a decade. Today, however, the most modern eCommerce engines provide recommendations at scale and in real time. Shoppers expect more targeted and accurate recommendations and they are willing to act on them when they trust the vendor. While availability and speed is most essential, recommendation engines are critical to the online shopping experience and can mean the difference in market share and margin at the world’s leading e-tailers.  This is how the smartest eCommerce sites are maximizing their opportunity this holiday season.

Billy Bosworth is the CEO of DataStax, the company that powers the apps that transform business for more than 200 customers, including startups and 16 of the Fortune 100. Companies such as Adobe, HealthCare Anytime, eBay, and Netflix rely on DataStax to transform their businesses. 



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