What Is People Doing In Facebook?

What Is People Doing In Facebook?

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How People Use Facebook [Infographic]
If people aren’t logging into Facebook to shop, what are they doing? This week’s ‘Fographic Friday provides some insight. Think about how you might incorporate this data into your social marketing plans.

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10 Low-Budget Ways to Sell Internationally

Your international customers can buy directly from your U.S. site and you can ship their order to their international location. This is the fastest way to start selling internationally. Though you will have to know the customs, duty and shipping restrictions, your existing shipment provider can provide assistance.


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Become A YouTube Expert: New YouTube Marketing Course With Greg Jarboe & Mark Robertson

The odds are pretty good that if you’re reading an article on this website, you dabble from time to time in either the creation or marketing of online video. And while we have readers of all experience levels, from beginners to experts, all of us still have room for improvement–probably in several areas related to online video marketing. That’s why we’ve created a four-part, advanced YouTube marketing course to help you become a YouTube marketing expert!



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